Posted on 28 March 2019

In a recent article published in Intellectual Property Magazine, Christoph Moeller explores the data issues surrounding future mobility. 

Automobiles of the future are even more connected and feature a higher degree of automation than today’s vehicles. Artificial intelligence (AI) is also finding its way into on-board systems to an ever-increasing extent. These two aspects, especially, create problems that may not be quite apparent at first. The greater use of connectivity and autonomy increases the demand for sensors and software, thus generating more data – which will be at the heart of these reshaped mobility ecosystems.

In this context, an especially bearing in mind that the average connected car will produce an estimated four terabytes of data a day. The issues surrounding data ownership are complex….

Read the full article published in Intellectual Property Magazine here. 

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Mewburn Ellis are experts in obtaining patent protection in the field of future mobility, with a diverse line-up of experienced intellectual property professionals forming a dedicated future mobility team. 

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Christoph is spearheading our dedicated team of future mobility experts. He has previously worked for different global players in the transportation sector, in the automotive and aerospace field. His background in electronics and engineering, and in particular his previous involvement in IT, computer software and telecommunications matters, means he is well versed in assisting companies in the future mobility sector with the various challenges they face. Christoph is located in our Munich Office and is a German Patent Attorney and a European Patent Attorney and holds two Master of Laws Degrees. Besides attending to patent matters in our engineering practice group before the German Patent and Trade Mark Office and the European Patent Offices as well as the German Patent Courts and the Higher Regional Courts, he is involved in our design practice. Due to his previous position as head of patents of a globally operating Swiss Engineering Company, he also advises on all matters of IP strategy.

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