Posted on 09 July 2018

Mewburn Ellis is a name synonymous with quality in the IP space. We are also seen as a firm that hasn’t shouted about our successes, but focussed on producing great work for our clients and home-growing brilliant attorneys.

We have been on quite a journey over the last couple of years, growing rapidly, moving into Europe, opening our doors to recruit impressive new partners and associates as well as increasing the number of graduate recruits we train in-house.  Importantly, we have also taken the time to stop and review our business and look forward at how the market and our clients’ needs are changing.

We recognise that the commercial environment is changing faster than ever before and believe that IP firms have to change too.  “Considering IP is at the cutting edge of innovation, IP firms can often be slow-moving and internally focussed” said Maria Hall, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer at Mewburn Ellis.  “Mewburn Ellis isn’t that way and we’re ready now to be bolder about saying that. The time was right to create a fresh, new brand that really captures who we are as a firm, why we’re different and why our clients choose to work with us, as well as our aspirations for the future.”


Why Choose ‘The Forward-Looking IP Firm’ as our Strapline?

Because we are, and always have been. We recently celebrated our 150th anniversary, and when you look back over that time you see that for over 150 years we have been embracing change, thinking ahead and anticipating challenges and opportunities both for our clients and for our own business.

From being early adopters of technology, through to helping draft the European patent convention and shaping EPO practice, we have always been a forward-looking firm. We also work with clients at the forefront of innovation, from being involved with one of the first patent applications for genetic engineering to advising on water purification technology for the International Space Station. Our clients are the organisations building the brands and technologies that will define tomorrow. We’re there with them on that journey, using IP to imagine, plan, nurture, protect and deliver their innovations to market.

We also see that many other IP firms are very near focussed on what they are talking about. We stand out as a firm that looks to the future as well as having a keen eye on today.


Our Values

Our new brand, and Mewburn Ellis as a firm, is built around four core values which represent what we value about our firm and why we are different:

Put simply, we think ahead and look around corners, anticipating challenges and opportunities so that our clients are one step ahead. We are prepared to navigate and exploit change and are focused on improvement.

Bold Commentators
We say it how it is. There’s no sitting on the fence or telling clients what we think they want to hear. We have an opinion and we’ll advise our clients on the best approach to meet their business objectives. We strive to be open and clear, concise and to the point.

Trusted Advisors
We’re more than just IP attorneys; we’re trusted advisors, working hand in hand with our clients as part of their team, planning strategically and operating commercially. We speak their language and understand their motivations. We are friendly, team players and work hard to build trust.

Trained for Excellence
We train our people to be the very best. After 150 years we know what makes an exceptional attorney. Our training programme is at the core of our business. It’s renowned and something we’re very proud of. We always try to achieve excellence, aspiring to be the best we can be. We train, develop and motivate our people who are some of the brightest and best in the business.


A New Image

Our new brand image is quite a departure from the past for us, but it more accurately captures our firm. The new font for our logo has been selected for its soft curves and modest presence that conveys a softer, more human feel. Our new colours oxblood, pink and blush – are inspired by nature. The oxblood is bold and strong and softened by the lighter pink and blush tones, colour choices that are unlike any other IP firm in the market. Finally our new device is a series of pentagons, their placement suggests movement and growth, and the three together create an arrow pointing ahead and so embody our position of being forward-looking.


Our Aspirations for the Future

Our new brand isn’t about signalling a strategic change for the firm. It’s about showcasing what makes us great now and our aspirations for the future. Our mission is to be recognised as a premium, full-service European IP firm with motivated people, offering an exceptional standard of client service – to be a firm our people are proud to be part of. We believe we are that now. The future for us is about ongoing improvements and driving the continued growth and development of the firm.

Maria Hall

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Maria is the firm’s Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer and a member of the Management Committee. She is responsible for all marketing and business development at the firm. Maria was previously Group Marketing Director at an international IP firm and before that Marketing Director for a full service European law firm. Other roles have included Head of Marketing at the world’s largest IP services provider and Account Director for a full service marketing agency.

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