Shaping new strategies 

When it comes to life sciences patent teams, Mewburn Ellis has one of the best. Because we have a wealth of experience in oppositions before the European Patent Office (EPO) we are currently responsible for hundreds of such cases. The team is accustomed to handling high-value, complex proceedings and is now defending three of the top ten most opposed patents in 2018, more than any other UK firm. 

As one of the largest teams in Europe, the life sciences group can already draw on a huge amount of collective opposition experience. But it is always looking for new ways to stay at the leading edge for strategic advice. That's why the group embarked on a major research project to broaden its approach to oppositions and enhance its expertise.

The research

We knew that the EPO is changing the way it runs oppositions so we decided to analyse EPO opposition data in more depth than in any publicly available report. The research focuses on key areas of the life sciences sector - home to some of the most valuable and most contested patents. We analysed more than 5,000 opposition cases filed over the past ten years and studied the timelines for hundreds of life sciences oppositions both before and after the EPO's 2016 opposition streamlining initiative. 

Mewburn Ellis now has in-depth evidence and insight into this complex area including:

  • Which patents, technologies and companies are most opposed 
  • The latest on EPO streamlining
  • The changing opposition timeline
  • Factors influencing extensions of time and the likelihood of getting them

This analysis has given us insights that will affect how we plan ahead for our clients' oppositions and give us more certainty than was previously possible. We can give our clients answers based on data from thousands of real cases, along with our own personal experience.

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