Posted on 15 January 2019

Technology Transfer is key to developing and managing successful innovations, it transforms ideas into opportunities, resulting in the creation of new products and services and powers economic development.  

For over 40 years AUTM has worked to develop best practices for university technology transfer offices and facilitate relations with Industry. With more than 3,000 members, AUTM is committed to educating, promoting and motivating industry professionals to support the development of academic research and to ensure that inventions with highest potential reach the marketplace for the benefit of people worldwide. 

The AUTM Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of academic technology transfer professionals, it brings together leaders in the field from around the world and provides a forum for networking, relationship building and the sharing of valuable knowledge and insights.  The 2019 conference offers the opportunity to hear from world-class speakers and panels.  Key topics include IP trends and successful practices, licensing successful practices, industry and academic partnerships, start-ups and gap funding, and the value of global technology transfer. 

Partners Sam Bailey and Sean Jauss will be attending the AUTM 2019 Annual Meeting taking place in Austin, Texas from 10-13 February.   If you are planning to attend and would like to meet up with Sam or Sean please drop them an email.

Sam Bailey

Contact Sam Bailey

Sam is a member of the chemical & materials patent team and works mainly in the pharmaceutical, industrial chemistry, oil & gas and nanotech sectors. Sam is also a member of our Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC) team working to supplement the duration of protection offered by the patent system for medicinal and plant protection products requiring regulatory approval.

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